Tennessee LEO for iOS!

Stop using the Peace Officers Pocket Guide and use TN LEO! Created by a police officer for police officers in the state of Tennessee, TN LEO is a quick and easy reference guide for TCA codes to use while in the office or on patrol. The days of drudging through pages of TCA are over. Use TN LEO to refer to specific TCA's, which are categorized by Criminal, Traffic, Wildlife Resources, and Domestic Violence.

Categories and Features:

•Criminal Offenses
•Traffic Offenses
•Wildlife Resources
•Domestic Violence
•Link for all TCA statutes
•Miranda Warning (English and Spanish)
•Department contact info broken down into Federal, State, County, Municipal, University, and other.
•TBI Contact Info
•FBI Contact Info
•ATF Contact Info
•US Marshals Contact Info
•Sentencing Guidelines
•U.S. Constitution and Tennessee Constitution
•Link for Tennessee Integrated Criminal Justice Portal (must be registered as a user through state of Tennessee)
•Link for TBI Amber Alerts
•Most current TCA codes from 2017 General Assembly
•No internet connection required to view TCA codes
•Email TCA codes or contact info to yourself or someone else
•Email Miranda warning in either language with signature spaces at the bottom
•Works in portrait and landscape modes (iPad) and portrait mode for iPhone
•Search feature for all TCA code titles. Search feature is only for searching the title of the TCA.


Tennessee LEO is updated as often as possible. I maintain the app myself so I am only able to work on updates during my normal days off. The current version of Tennessee LEO is 2.7.2